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Turkey has a significant potential in fresh fruit and vegetable production. Turkey is one of the few countries where wide variety and high quality of fruits and vegetables are grown due to suitable and large agricultural areas and best ecological conditions. Besides plant diversity, Turkey has an important place in the world considering the endemic rate of 34%.


Although the surface area of Turkey is smaller than European continent, when the number of endemic plants in Europe and Turkey are compared, there are over 3.000 endemic plants in Turkey while it is approximately 2.750 in Europe.




Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables

Demand for dried fruits and vegetables in the food sector are increasing every day as a result of differing consumer expectations.
Dehydrated fruit and vegetables which are produced by high technological drying methods present better taste, smell, appearance and nutritional value to the market. According to customer demands they are either produced as powder or in pieces.

kurutulmus meyve sebzekurutulmus meyve sebze2Powder
Ereğli Agrosan provides 100% natural fruit and vegetable powders which add colors, flavors and nutritional values to the market, predominantly food and cosmetics sectors.


kurutulmus meyve sebze4Pieces
kurutulmus meyve sebze3In addition to the protection of the nutritional value and taste, physical appearance is also an important criterion for dried fruit and vegetables. Ereğli Agrosan will make it possible by using the high technology.



Natural Food Colorants
gida boyalari2 

Studies which revealed adverse effects of the synthetic food colorants on the health, the usage of these colorants have been prohibited in developed countries such as United States of America, France, Germany and Switzerland.

Needs in this area were met by natural food colors which does not have any negative effect on health. Considering the awareness of consumers today, it might be stated that usage of natural colorants will rapidly increase in Turkey. Ereğli Agrosan will respond to the industry's expectations by investing in superior technology.








Plant Extracts

dogal bitki ozutleri2Natural plant extracts are obtained by dissolving the ingredients which give characterized properties to plant, with a proper solvent in the appropriate conditions and then by removing the solvent. Plant extracts contain flavors, functional ingredients and odor. Natural plant extract can also be defined briefly as condensed version of the plant.
Ereğli Agrosan which aims to evaluate the endemic potential and diversity of Turkey has the technological infrastructure to produce the extracts of all these plants.  dogal bitki ozutleri4





Essential Oils
Essential oils are the strong smelling, volatile oils which are obtained from plants with distillation, supercritical fluid extraction or cold pressing methods, Essential oils are usually liquid at room temperature. They are referred as “essences” for being fragrant and are widely used in perfumery. The quality of oil is directly related to the production method. Ereğli Agrosan prefers supercritical fluid extraction to produce high quality essential oils.Uçucu Yağlar









sivi yaglar 2Vegetable Oils
High quality vegetable origin pure oils are produced with cold pressing method and are widely used in cosmetics and food industry. Ereğli Agrosan will process safflower seeds which will be harvested from its farm. Besides, various plants will also be processed to produce oil by the same technology.
sivi yaglar 3














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