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Ereğli Agrosan aims to produce high quality natural products and uses the latest technologies. Ereğli Agrosan will continue to invest in this direction to ensure the quality, continuity and standardization. It will set up its production lines in factory with supercritical fluid extractor, microwave-assisted dryer, infrared dryers and cold extrusion machines which will be supplied from the global well-known machinery companies.



Spray Dryer

Fruit or vegetable particles in liquid suspension are sent into hot air flow and liquids evaporated in spray drying technology. This method’s advantage is short exposure to high temperature exposure. Color, taste, smell, flavor, nutritional content, structure and organoleptic properties are preserved in the final product.

Moisture content, particle size, solubility of homogeneous end product could be adjusted to customers’ specific demands. In addition to this, there is no risk of microbial contamination because the process system is completely closed.


Super Critical Fluid Extraction

Supercritical fluid extraction method is superior and new method when it is compared with classical methods such as distillation, soxhlet extraction, liquid extraction and liquid chromatography.  In this method, harmless gases that are found in nature are liquefied under high pressure and passed through the seed, kernel or plant and then essential oils and plant extracts are obtained.  Solvents such as hexane which are limited by FDA are not used. High quality products are obtained by using SCFE technology. The system also leaves no residue in the final product. It is a completely eco-friendly technology. Non-toxic solvent CO2 can be recycled after extraction. Products obtained by this method have superior natural taste and smell, compared to products obtained by other methods.



Microwave Assisted Dryer

Microwave assisted drying process when compared with the conventional methods and drying by hot air, dries considerably in shorter time, so all features such as nutritional values, colors, taste and the chemical and physiological properties are protected better. Other drying methods reduce the attractiveness and physical appearance of product while in microwave-assisted drying system they are protected by applying homogeneous drying.



Infrared Assisted Dryer

Infrared heating method is used to dry various food materials. Although infrared heating is a promising new technology, it cannot be used in all drying process. Factors as type and thickness of food affect the success of the dryer. Therefore, the combinations of infrared technologies are used. Ereğli Agrosan will use the infrared drying method combined with high speed air stream.


Cold Press

Traditional cold press technology is another method that will be used by Ereğli Agrosan to produce high quality products. In many of the methods to obtain oil, chemical solvents such as hexane are used. Although these methods have high yield when compared to cold press method, solvent residues reduce quality of the final product. In cold press method the yield is low, but it provides high quality products with high purity.




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